February 4, 2011

End of My Rope

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:39 am by silversnowdragon

I’m done with this winter.


I may style myself the Snow Dragon, but that is mostly around the idea of snow. I think snow and snowflakes are beautiful, but I’m not a fan of the cold that goes with them… and I am not a fan of all the snow I’ve had to shovel this year. Or the snow on my roof that has turned into ice dams. Ice dams that are causing water to leak into different parts of my house at a ridiculous rate.

I’m not alone. Most of Massachusetts is screaming for roofers to come and shovel snow off of roofs and break up ice dams. Several buildings have collapsed.I just don’t wan to see the stains on my ceiling get any bigger. Or the water that is seeping into my upstair floorboards do any more damage.

But that means I need to get the damn snow off my roof. I think my husband might try to get up on the ladder today and that scares me. Hopefully one of the companies I called can help me out, but even if someone calls back. I’m going to be in the waiting line.

Either way, I’m kinda screwed.


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