August 13, 2010

Political Business

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Business and politics… unfortunately they seem to go together in all of the most unpleasant ways.

I was just reading a little article about the kerfuffle kicked up by Target donating to a political candidate who is opposed to gay marriage. Now the liberal-leaning folks are ticked off.

Personally, I’m a political moderate but I do have a tendency to lean a bit to the left. I’m more interested in politicians (if you can find them) who are into collaboration and working together for the greater good as opposed to being chained to the dogma and doctrine of a particular party. But I digress.

I don’t think companies, Target or others, should be allowed to donate only to one party or candidate. I think they should be required – if they are donating to a political candidate or cause – also donate to the opposing point of view. The main reason I think this way is because I see a company as a representation of the individuals who work for it, and if you look at that collective workforce you’re going to see a range of political beliefs: very conservative to very liberal and every shade in between.

On the other hand, if an individual (say a CEO or COO) wants to donate to one party or cause, that is his or her buisness because that is their personal choice.

But the company itself? I’d prefer if companies (and churches) stayed out of politics.

Imagine how much good might be accomplished if politicians were able to focus on the people and not on “politics.”


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  1. kip said,

    I agree completely with you. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court does not.

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