February 3, 2009


Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , at 12:25 am by silversnowdragon

Yep, I admit it, I’m a football girl. Love the game.

Last night’s SuperBowl was more impressive than I thought it would be. I was rooting for the Cardinals, mostly because I like the underdog story. The Steelers have been there; I thought it was time to give the others a shot.

During the first half, I was singularly unimpressed with the Cardinals, and the Steelers did a great job shutting down Larry Fitzgerald (who I like because he is living proof you can be a talented football player and not be a punk).

In any event, the second half was much, much more exciting… and if I can’t see my favorite team in the Big Game (the Patriots), then I at least want to watch something exciting. And at least I got that…


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