November 11, 2008

Helen Rocks the House

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:23 pm by silversnowdragon

Since I first started this blog – with the whopping one whole post put up before this one – I have been surprised by how much there is to talk about, but how difficult it is sometimes to find something to say.

With my usual smooth timing, I’ve managed to start blogging AFTER the presidential election where there has been more fodder for blogging and debate and discussion than ever before. Sarah Palin alone has offered up enough material already for a generation of commentators. And just for the record, no I am NOT a fan.

But during the election I stumbled across a blog that has to be my favorite of all time. It is written by a woman named Helen Philpot (not her real last name according to her info).

Helen is in her 80s, lives in Texas, and is apparently a dedicated fan of the Democrats. I give her props for being a Democrat in Texas. That can’t be easy. But what I like most about Helen is that she calls it like she sees it. She is forthright, direct… and frankly, she’s pretty damn funny. Her blog has – last I saw – nearly a million hits and has become pretty popular. She certainly had a lot to say during the election, most of which I completely agree with.

If you want to check her out, go to

I can only hope that when I get really passionate about a topic, even if it is coming late to the game, that I am even half as insightful and funny as Helen is.



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